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Updated April 2, 2013

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I'm a Gedeon and Proud of it!
I'm a Bond and Proud of it!
I'm a Steele and Proud of it!
I'm a Pigg and Proud of it!

Mark your calenders for Sunday August 4, 2013. This Bond-Steele Family Reunion will be at Boone Woods County Park, Burlington, KY

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Gary John Gideon - born June 30, 1957
My Relatives born on June 30th
  • My GGGG Grandfather Archibald D. McGuire - born June 30, 1779
  • My GG Uncle Nathanial Bond - born June 30, 1873
  • 1st Cousin, Twice removed, Grant Bond - born June 30, 1905
  • 1st Cousin, Twice removed, Hugh Bond - born June 30, 1908

Pen & Ink BottleI am currently reseaching my family ancestry on the internet. I enjoy hearing from distant relatives. I'm hoping that eventually we can all add links to our own webpages that will enable us to truly connect with all of the other decendants of our ancestors. It's very frustrating to imagine everyone building their own little family puzzles, always going Backwards and, often times, never really putting them all together with the other trees as we find them. Let's help each other out and do our part.

I've been trying to make my website as simple as possible, for others to locate and track their connection to my lines.  The names I have listed on this page are all linked to family tree sites belonging to my various cousins.  Once you click on a name, you will no longer be at my site, you will be at THEIRS.  If you click Home, it will take you to their home page, not mine.  If you wish to return to this page, please book mark it NOW!  I wouldn't want you to get lost in the maze of family tree branchs.

I Believe that telling people about GMOs in today's world
is the single most important thing we can possibly do,
next to sharing Jesus Christ with them

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Find Us On Facebook - This is a webpage dedicated strictly to all of my online Bond-Steele Family on Facebook, with direct links to their profile page on Facebook, so you can easily request them to add you.  The McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-Gideon Family on Facebook   If you make a connection to any of my ancestors, I would like to hear from you. Please add me on Facebook. This is a webpage dedicated strictly to all of my online McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-Gideon Family on Facebook, with direct links to their profile page on Facebook, so you can easily request them to add you.

Find Us On Facebook - This is a webpage dedicated strictly to all of my online Gideon Family on Facebook, with direct links to their profile page on Facebook, so you can easily request them to add you.  The Gideon Family on Facebook   If you make a connection to any of my ancestors, I would like to hear from you. Please add me on Facebook. This is a webpage dedicated strictly to all of my online Gideon Family on Facebook, with direct links to their profile page on Facebook, so you can easily request them to add you.

NEW! Genealogy Submission Form   If you make a connection to any of my ancestors, Please use this Genealogy Submission Form to send me your information so I can add you and your immediate family to my Family Tree on And if you'd like, I can also invite you to view my Family Tree on and it will be FREE for you to view it.

My GeneLinks Page   If you make a connection to any of my ancestors, I would like to hear from you. Please include email addresses and links to all known websites. I now have a webpage dedicated strictly to all of my online cousins, for the purpose of showing their exact relationship to me and sharing their email addresses with other cousins.

Feel free to view my Personal Genealogy Photo Gallery.  This gallery includes pictures of My Parents, My Ancestors, Distant Cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Great Aunts and Uncles.  My Grandmother Lona Elizabeth Steele & Grandfather Charles G Bond, My Uncle Ernest Victor Bond, Ernest Victor Steele, James Franklin Steele, John Rosco Steele, Nannie Wren, Great Grandmother Emma May, Great Grandfather John Wilson Bond and MANY others.

My Grandparents, George A. Gideon (Gedeon) & his wife Anna Maria Prinz
George most likely was born & raised in the town of
Metzenseifen. (Medzev,Slovakia)

If you are researching the Gedeon line, be sure to visit the above link & also the Metzenseifen homepage

NEW! I am now beginning extensive research on my Gideon (Gedeon) Ancestral line. On December 12, 2010, I received my Y-chromosome DNA test results back from DNA Heritage. Immediately after submitting the results onto several DNA Data bases, I got an exact match on, with an individual named Michael Bruce Gedeon, which suggest that he & I have a common male Ancestor within 3 Generations. WOW! This is a Major breakthrough for me because it has always been rumored that my Grandfather, George A. Gideon, changed the spelling of his last name when he came to America. My Grandfather has always been a stumbling block for me, in researching his ancestral line. I was able to view the public family tree that Michael's step-mother has on I learned that Michael's GG Grandfather's name was Louis Alois Gedeon and that he was born on 8 Jul 1868 in Metzenaaf, Hungary. Louis (Alois) was married to a woman named Lydia O. Liebsla. There were no siblings listed for Louis Alois Gedeon. However, I've always known that MY Grandfather was born in Hungary or Romania. Ironically, MY Grandfather was born on 12 May 1863, only 5 years prior to Louis Alois Gedeon. I Strongly believe now, that Louis & George were brothers. This would suggest that their father, is indeed the common Ancestor which Michael & I have in common.

Last night I was researching messages left on the Gedeon GenForum. I ran across this message from Nov. 4, 2001 that was posted by a woman named Anne Gedeon McNulty.
She stated: I was wondering if you have any links or relation to a Alois Gedeon from Metzenzifen? He was my great-grandfather and the only information I have is that he had a brother named George. He married a Lydia from Cleveland. Any information you have would be great.

WOW! Finding her post was all the confirmation I needed to let me know I'm definitely on the right track. Now I am trying very hard to locate Anne Gedeon McNulty, to learn how in the world she knows that Alois Gedeon had a brother named George.

Let me tell you, having my Y-chromosome DNA tested is the best move I've made so far, when it comes to my Genealogy research for my Father's side. Without it, I could have never ever gotten past my Grandfather. I chose to get the full 58 marker test done from DNA Heritage, which only cost me $219.00. and both allow you to submit your own DND test results for free, regardless of which lab you choose to use, unlike some of these other websites that force you to buy a DNA test from them, before you can submit to their data bases. I urge ALL of the Gedeons who are researching this line, to get a Male Y-chromosome DNA test done and submit it onto,, and any other Genealogy DNA data bases you can find out there. It is also called a Surname DNA Test. You won't be sorry.

Order Your DNA Test on Today ONLY $99
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My Family Charts (created with GEDvisual)
Index of Ancestral Lines for Gary John Gideon (created with GedReporter)
Decendants of Thomas Pigg - 11 Generations (PDF file)
Will of Archibald D. McGuire
(Submitted by Cindy McGuire)

Searching for children of my 1st cousin Herbert Witschger
(Herbert Witschger was the unknown son of my late Uncle Ernest Victor Bond)
Herbert Witschger grew up never knowing that my Uncle Ernie was his paternal birth father.

February 25, 2014
The names that I am currently researching on are my Grandfather, Charles G. BOND and his side includes John Wilson BOND married to Mary Ann HOLCOMB, William HOLCOMB married to Elizabeth CHRISTIAN, Fletcher BOND married to Leah WILSON, William BOND married to Sarah BARWICK, William Blueford BARWICK married to Elizabeth PHILLIPS,

My Grandmother, Lona Elizabeth STEELE and the names on her side includes George Thomas STEELE married to Emma May, John MAY married to Jane INGLIS, John MAY married to Sarah PIGG, Speed STEELE married to Margaret McGUIRE (daughter of James Adger McGUIRE and Elizabeth WOOD).

Important Alert concerning James Adger McGuire
Prior to June, 2000.  I was under the impression that Margaret McGuire was the daughter of Nancy Anglin. I have run across information which suggests that James Adger McGuire actually married Elizabeth Wood in 1839.  Elizabeth Wood was actually the mother of John McGuire b. 1840 and Margaret McGuire b. 1841, rather than Nancy Anglin, as noted on the web site of cousin James Floyd Steele.
A letter from cousin LoriAnne

Archibald D. McGUIRE and Margaret "Peggy" GUYER, John Jacob Guyer and Catherine Williamson, James Felix McGUIRE, Lt. and Elizabeth Margaret BLACK, John McGUIRE and Catherine Mary, Constantine McGuire and Cecilla McNamara REIGH. I would like to make note that my McGuire ancestry starts with either James McGuire and Cecilla McNamara or James McGuire and Julia McElligott.  I am very confused because two of my dear cousins who are both researching this line, both have different accounts of who James McGuire was married to and who the parents of Constantine McGuire are..

Cousin Julie Lund has this listing....
320. Constantine MCGUIRE, born 1692 in Co. Kerry, Ireland267; died Bef. 1761 in VA. He was the son of James MCGUIRE and Julie MCELLIGOTT. He married 321. Cecilia MacNamara REIGH 1706 in Maguire's Bridge, Fermanagh, Ireland268.
321. Cecilia MacNamara REIGH, born in Ireland269; died Bef. 1763 in VA.

Cousin Margaret Cassell has this listing....
3904. James McGuire, born 1620 in Fermanagh, Ireland; died 1682 in Fermanagh, Ireland. He married 3905. Cecilla McNamara 1658 in Fermanagh, Ireland.
3905. Cecilla McNamara, born 1623 in Fermanagh, Ireland; died 1665 in Fermanagh, Ireland
Child of James McGuire and Cecilla McNamara is:
Constantine McGuire, born 1661 in Fermanagh, Ireland; died Bet. 1735 - 1750 in Virginia; married Julia McElligott 1706 in Ireland.

Constantine McGuire, born 1661 in Fermanagh, Ireland; died Bet. 1735 - 1750 in Virginia. He was the son of 3904. James McGuire and 3905. Cecilla McNamara. He married 1953. Julia McElligott 1706 in Ireland.

I am also planing to include links to any GEDCOM files that I'm aware of. For any of you who don't know what a GEDCOM file is, GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. A standard developed by The LDS church. It's used for exchanging genealogy information back and forth with one another. If any of you have a GEDCOM file of your family tree that you don't mind sharing, I would appreciate it if you could send me a link to where I can download it, and/or link it to this site. Currently, I have only one file available. It includes

Descendants of William Blueford Barwick & Elizabeth Phillips. and Descendants of James McGuire & Cecilla McNamara. This GEDCOM file is in a .ZIP format and ready for downloading. It includes a great number of the descendants of Sarah Barwick and William Bond and also a great number of the descendants of Speed Steele and Margaret McGuire.


Gary John Gideon
2322 Nicholson Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211-6117
United States

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Subj: Re: James Adgar McGuire
Date: 6/9/00 9:59:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: LoriAnne63
To: ZUltra

Dear Gary,

     I haven't been working on this line very much lately; maybe you'll spark a new fire!!!   The book I have is by Ruth Wells, RR3 Box 55AA, Owensville, Indiana.  It was compiled in 1995 and contains quite a bit of info.  It is titled, The Descendents of James McGuire, 1735 - 1782.
     This books says that James & Nancy Anglin were married in 1826 in Clay County.  She was born in 1806 in Clay Co, the daughter of James Anglin and Jane Barrett.  It lists their 5 children born 1827 - 1838.  It then states that James married Elizabeth 1839.  It then lists 8 children being born 1840 - 1850.
Also says that James married a 3rd time to a woman named Forsythe, but no record could be found.  The 1880 Census of Rockcastle Co lists James, age 78, wife Elizabeth age 57 and son James 24.  I would check the marriage records of Clay Co. and then maybe even Rockcastle Co.
     If you would like, I could make a copy of this book at Kinko's and mail it to you.  I can't remember who, but someone did this for me; it cost me about $20 for the copying and postage.  I believe it was well worth every penny.
     Just re-read you email of Jan-- had it in the book!  Ha Ha
     You don't have the 8 children listed so here goes:  John, born 1840, married Martha A. Griffin 1866 (Info states that he moved to Audrain County Missouri); Margaret McGuire, born 1841; Archibald McGuire born 1843, died 1848; Christianaia McGuire born 1846; Tabitha McGuire born 1848, died 1862; Everly McGuire born 1849; James Archie McGuire, born Nov 1866, died Jun 15, 1960; Euleta McGuire, born 1850.
     Hope this helps.  Remember this is not my research, just passed on by someone else.  If you can prove any, please let me know!
     I will get my info together for you and forward later.  My fingers are getting tired!  Ha Ha

       Your cousin,