My doctor asked if any members of my family suffered from insanity,
I replied, no, we all seem to enjoy it.

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Gary Gideon
Aaron True McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Aissa Kinnett McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Aissa Williams McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Alan R. Jackson (Roy Jackson) Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond)
Albert Bauer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Alecia Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Amber Gideon McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Andrew Stetter McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Angela Bauer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Angela Littleton Doyle McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Angela Pham McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Angelique Lynn McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Anita Collins Pigg-May
Anthony Bauer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Anthony Gideon McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Ashleigh Courter McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Augusta Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Barbara Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Beryl Marcia Bond-Ellison Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Beverly Dilday McGuire
Blake Crisman McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Brandi Crisman Zimmer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Brandon Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Brenda Moore Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Brenda Steele Fleckinger McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Brenna Spencer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Brent Todd Pigg-May
Brett Woodson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Brian Gideon

Brian Urlacher Gideon Jr. McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Brittany Bond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Caitlin Spencer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Carissa Moore Nation (Carissa Moore) Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Carol Cutlip McGuire
Catherine Todd Pigg-May
Chase Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of John Wilson Bond)
Charles Harvey McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Charles Lopez McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Charles Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Charlie Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Chelsea Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of John Wilson Bond)
Cheryl Cottrell McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Chris Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Christina Sizemore McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Christina Zapf McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon-Zapf
Christopher Jesse Earl Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Cindy Blackburn Hardy Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond)
Cindy Micka Wright Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond Sr.)
Cody Peacock McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Connie McGuire Girdler McGuire
Cynthia Holl Porcher Pigg
Dana Hedger King McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Danny Harnist McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Deanna Bullock Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Deb Tyrer Harcher May
Debbie Ooten Capps McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Deborah Peacock McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Donna Bowers McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Donna Clark Kirby McGuire
Donna Ernest Harvey
(for Ernie Harvey)
Douglas Edward Robinson Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Douglas McDaniel McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Earlene Kenyon (Deceased) McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Elizabeth Diane Steele Crisman McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Eugene Paul Lopez McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Frank Hedger McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Gayle Harmon McGuire
George Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Harvey Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Heather Justice McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Ida Mae Wagner Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Jacob Courter McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Jacob McGuire McGuire
Jacob Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Jacquelynn Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Jallie Clark Crabtree McGuire
James Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond Sr.)
Jana Nicole Thomas McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Janthina Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Jeannie Steele Norris McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Jennifer Brandenburg Shaffer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Jeremy Hedger McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Jesse Wilson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Jessica Steele Schubert McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Jeweldean Bowman Durham McGuire
Jim Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Joe Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
John Curless McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Johnathan Courter McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Jonathan Zapf McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon-Zapf
Judy Black-Sullivan McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Justin Courter McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Kamerin Witschger McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Kathleen Gasset McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Kathy Gasset McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Kathy Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Kathy Bond Tyree Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Kelsey Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Kevin Stetter McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Kiane Elizabeth Baldwin McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Kimberly Gideon McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Kim Hambrick Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond Sr.)
Korey Louise Marie Bond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Korey Magnuson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Kristal True McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Kyara Baldwin McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Larry Gilbert McGuire (descendant of James Adger McGuire)
Laura Bond Nebres Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Laura Brandenburg Riley McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Lee Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Lightfoot Hedger McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Linda Hambrick Tattum Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Lisa Black Leyendecker McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Lisa Heck Legg Pigg
Lisa Romine Spencer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Logan Magnuson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Lola McGuire Whited McGuire
Lori Romine McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Lyda Wilson-Baker McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Lynda D Harnist (Lynda Kempf) McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Lynn Gray Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Marcella Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Maria Ross McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Marie Patterson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Marilyn McGuire McGuire
Marjee Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Marjorie Blackburn Shull Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond)
Mark Black McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Mark Sullivan McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Martha Bond
(for Arthur H (Ott) Bond)
Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Mary Ann Hutton Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Mary Lou Gilbert Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Matt Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Megan Peacock McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Melissa Sullivan Bonavita McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Micah Wilgins Wiggins Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond Sr.)
Michael Fields Pigg
Michael Gasset McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Michael John King McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Michael R. Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Michele Sullivan Magnuson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Michelle Clark McGuire
Missi Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Nicholas Angelo Bonavita McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Nikki Riley McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Pamela Gideon Bauer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Patty Romine
(for Bill Romine)
Patty Wiechert McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Paul Terry King McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Peggy Martinez Abbott McGuire (descendant of Archibald D. McGuire)
Penny Waymeyer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Philip Overmyer Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Priscilla Bond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Ramona Juth Lopez McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Raven Ross McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Raya Robinson Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Rena Barrett Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Rhonda Steele Plata McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Rich Bowers McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Richard Black McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Rick Turner Pigg
Rita Bond Abner Barwick-Bond (descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond Sr.)
Robert E. Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of John Wilson Bond)
Robert Gary King McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Roger Cunningham McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Rory Gasset McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Ryan Bauer McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Sadie Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Samantha Lynn Courter McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Samuel Romine McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Savannah King McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Scott Romine McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Romine
Sean Black McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Sheila Allen-Winterberg Pigg-May
Sheri Ruble McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Sonja Bond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Stanley Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Stefanie Emerson McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Steve Bond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Stevie Raye Bond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Sue Ann Huston McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Susan Barwick Barwick (descendant of William B. Barwick)
Susannah Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Suzanne Tyrer Van Oppens May
Sydni Plata McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Taylor Marie Gideon McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon
Terrencia Leanne Bond Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Tessa Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Tina Bond Dessemond McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Tina Cavinder Pigg
Tina Robinson Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Tonia Harvey True McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Harvey
Tony C Deaton Jr. McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Tony Zapf McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Gideon-Zapf
Tori Witschger McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Tracy Bond Tucker Barwick-Bond (descendant of Lewis R. Bond)
Tyra Fazioli McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Tyra Annette Fazioli- McGinnis McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Vicki L Barnett McGuire-Steele-Pigg-May
Vickie Black Leisure McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Black
Victoria Steele McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Wilburn Owens McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May
Zach Littleton McGuire-Barwick-Bond-Steele-Pigg-May-Hedger
Cousins who lists Bonds as family members on Facebook which have no known connection to the descendants of William Bond & Sarah Barwick. (this only means you can't trust their family list on facebook to be accurate)

All of the Bonds on this page are all descendants of William Bond (born 1778 in North Carolina,USA & died 1880)
& Sarah Barwick (born 1792 Dec 05 in Darlington, South Carolina, USA & died 1880)

All of the Steeles on this page are all descendants of Speed Steele & Margaret McGuire
Thus, All of the Steeles on this page are also all descendants of John McGuire and Catherine Mary
As are, All of the McGuires on this page are all descendants of John McGuire and Catherine Mary
All of the Mays on this page are all descendants of John May & Jane Inglis
All of the Piggs on this page are all descendants of Gabriel Pigg & Elvira"Elviney"Green Hensley
Gabriel Pigg was a descendant of Thomas Pigg, born in England

The Bonds & the Steeles were joined together, when Charles G. Bond married Lona Elizabeth Steele
and also when James Frank Steele married Bessie Bond
Charles G. Bond & Bessie Bond are brother & sister
James Frank Steele & Lona Elizabeth Steele are brother & sister

The descendants of Charles G. Bond & Lona Elizabeth Steele
are actually Double Cousins with
The descendants of James Frank Steele & Bessie Bond

Charles & Lona

Frank & Bessie

The Children of
Charles G. Bond & Lona Elizabeth Steele

(and their spouses)

Mary Lucy Bond, m. Joe Harvey
Ernest Victor Bond, m. Margie
Maude Bond, m. Raymond Romine
Anna Lee Bond, m. Richard Black
Bessie Virginia Bond, m. Michael Edward Gideon Sr.
Marcella Bond, m. Jesse Hedger

The Children of
James Frank Steele & Bessie Bond

(and their spouses)

Ella Myrtle Steele, (Died in Infancy)
Dorothy Steele, m. William Margraves, m. Arthur Killion
Ruby Marie Steele m: Lee Owens
Mary Evelyn Steele, m. Parks B. Owens
Nellie May Steele, m. Hobart Kelly Barnett Sr.
James Floyd Steele, m. Wilberta Evans
Charles Victor Steele, m. Gladys Edna Jane Mullins

George Thomas Steele Emma Catherine May Todd
George Thomas Steele & Emma Catherine May Todd
(My Great Grandparents on the Steele side)

These are the 5 Children of
George Thomas Steele & Emma Catherine May Todd

(and their spouses if known)

James Frank Steele, m. Bessie Bond
Lona Elizabeth Steele, m. Charles G. Bond
Minnie M. Steele, (died in infancy)
Ernest Victor Steele, m. Nancy Louise Bond
John Rosco Steele, m. Nannie Margaret Wren

These are the 3 Children of
Joel Elias Todd & Emma Catherine May Todd

(and their spouses if known)

Roy Lee Todd, m. Mary Ruth Woodley
Edward Frederic Todd, m.
Lewis Davis Todd, m. Hazel Geneva Gordon

Now let's get back to our GGG... Grandparents, William Bond & Sarah Barwick

These are the 4 Children of
William Bond & Sarah Barwick

(and their spouses if known)

Louisa Bond
Fletcher Bond, m. Leah Jean Wilson, m. Sophia Noe
Oliver Peyton Bond Sr.
Harriet Bond

Every Bond connection on our list, is a Descendant of Fletcher Bond
but here is where several of us branch off onto a different limb

Fletcher Bond

Fletcher Bond was a true 'stud' man of the Bond line & he sired 11 children
5 sons & 5 daughters with Leah Jean Wilson, whom he was currently married to.
and 1 son with Jacob Browning's widow Sophia Noe Browning, whom he later married.

The Children of
Fletcher Bond & Leah Jean Wilson

(and their spouses)

Oliver Peyton Bond, m. Luanna Browning
Sarah Bond, (Died in Infancy)
William Bond, m. Francis Newman
Louisa Bond, m. Abraham Rolland
John Wilson Bond, m. Mary Ann Holcomb
Margaret Bond, m. Walter Hughes
Mary Bond, m. George Bowman
Sophia Bond, m. Joseph Tirey
Nathanial Bond, m. Mary Isabell Bullock
Robert Bond, m. Martha Tirey
Child of
Fletcher Bond & Sophia Noe Browning

(and his spouses)

Lewis Reynolds (Randolph) Bond, m. Susan Grey, m. Fannie Morris

The Majority of the Bonds on our list, are descendants of John Wilson Bond & Mary Ann Holcomb

Top row (left to right) Charles G. Bond, Lucinda Bond, William Floyd Bond
John Wilson Bond, Robert Lee Bond, Mary Ann Holcomb, James Bond
Elizabeth (Bessie) Bond, Albert Bond, Thomas Bond

However, our Dear cousin Cindy Blackburn Hardy, is descendant of Oliver Peyton Bond & Luanna Browning
And I'm now beginning to locate many descendants of Lewis Reynolds (Randolph) Bond

The Children of
Lewis Reynolds (Randolph) Bond & Fannie Margaret Morris

(and their spouses)

Bertha Bond
William B Bond, (Died in Infancy)
James Otis Bond, m. Ruth Ellen Mullins
Josie Bond, m. Naaman Robinson
Sophia Margaret Bond, m. Dean Mullins
Hugh Bond, m. Francis Edna Harler
Henry Bond, (Died in Infancy)
Wilmer Estel Bond, m. Verda Rena Lunce
Nellie Bond, m. Louis Vaughan

I have spent a LOT of time researching and trying to help my cousins connect to one another here on Facebook.
Now all of a sudden, I'm seeing my PROVEN known cousins, adding other Bonds to their family relationship on Facebook,
simply because they happen to share the same last name, with no idea as to why.
This is unethical & careless
This will only confuse the rest of OUR Bond cousins and cause many of them to do the exact same thing, and ASSUME those cousins are indeed Their cousins as well.
PLEASE: Do NOT list someone as your cousin on FB unless you KNOW Absolutely HOW you are related.
(Unless of course you see their name here on my list up above, and YOU are also listed.)
EVERY SINGLE NAME on Our ADD LIST up above can be verified

There are NO known family connections with the following Bonds on Facebook

Pendleton Alexander Smith Bond
Christian Bond
Jimmy Slick Candlestick Bond
Clayton Bond
Brooks Julian Bond
Sherry Bond
Alexandria Agnelli-Bond
Nalo Bond-Jones
This is a link to THEIR genealogy research
which I extracted from a GEDCOM file emailed to me from Pendleton Alexander Smith Bond, which he got from his brother Christian Bond
Click Here
Nowhere in their research will you find our GG Grandfather Fletcher Bond or our GGG Grandfather William Bond (born 1778)
who was married to Sarah Barwick (born 1792).

If you wish to add them as Friends on FB, that's Great & Wonderful
(Several of these Bonds are my Friends on FB as well)
But PLEASE, do not confuse your verified cousins on Facebook by listing them as your family.
By doing so, you are trashing YEARS of genealogy research and Flat-Out Deceiving your verified Blood cousins
whom are all descendants of William Bond & Sarah Barwick

Any new information which can verify a connection between these two families would be greatly appreciated.

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