In The Beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth..

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.


By Faith Only
(written by Thom Hagen)
I don't think God will ever prove himself tangibly by divine intervention, as some may want or Expect, until it's too late, because if he did, we wouldn't need faith.  Free Will and Faith go hand in hand, as an expression of his true love for us.  God created Adam and Eve, and the second he commanded them not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, "free will" came to life.  When the devil tempted Eve and she ate of the tree she was commanded not to, sin was born.  The contamination was evident.  We would never have sinned had the devil not tempted Eve, because they loved God too much.  It took an outside force against God. 

God allowed the devil to corrupt us for a very important reason.  He could have stopped Satan.  God knew Adam and Eve would sin against him.  It was part of His plan.  You cannot possibly appreciate heaven, until you first know what it is not.  By us committing sin, suffering, feeling guilt and shame, we learn that we need God, and internalize the value of God's love, grace, forgiveness, salvation, and the blissfulness of heaven.  While God does not sin, it hurts God when we sin, the laws of the ten commandments don't apply to God, they apply to us.  It hurts God to have to send His Son, Jesus, to suffer and die a cruel death, for sin, but He did it.  Love doesn't always feel good.  If they never sinned, then Adam and Eve would be nothing more than a robot God created to serve him.  Had God not given us freewill, we would only do things, and make choices, based on instinct.  We would be no more than a dog or animal or God's pets.  God is not selfish, He is unselfish.  So unselfish, that He gave us free will, so that we would know we are special, like Him, made in His image and likeness, and know we are unique, and part of His family.

How would you feel if you were forced to love someone?  God does not rape us.  Without sin in this world, without our free will, it is rape.  Today we must realize how privileged we are to be able to choose.  True freedom.  The devil sends no one to hell, nor does God.  Only our choices we make have the power to send us to hell.  So choose.  Because of the outpouring of the latterrain, the outpouring of the holy spirit, on every soul, everyone on earth, if they stop and think about it, know right and wrong.  It was engrafted on our hearts.  The devils job is to distract your mind so much, that you hastily make choices without thought or conscience.  He does this by attacking your feelings and emotions.  His mission is to seek, steal, and destroy the Word.  To steal your soul and take you to hell.  Misery loves company.  He constantly tries to affect your feelings and emotions so that you will be in discomfort or not like the way you feel.  If he accomplishes this, then he accomplishes the attitude he wants you to have.  Your attitude is a major driving force that causes you to make decisions, or should I say, sin.  God tells us our defense is to put on the full armor of God before you leave your house each day.  By doing this, you keep a frame of mind and an attitude, that the devil has much difficulty swaying.  You have to rely on God's power or it is impossible to deny your flesh, sinful nature, or to deny the devil.  We are here in earth school to simply learn and know that we need God to survive.  You need a father to fight your battles.  It is the same as if the incredible hulk wanted to beat you up and kill you, but you are only a crippled 10 year old child.  How would you ever defend yourself, alone in the ring, with someone who wanted to kill you?  You can't even walk, so you can't run from it.  So you are sitting in the ring with the incredible hulk, who is going to kill you.  You are just a crippled young child who can't walk and have only 1/10,000th of the strength, and the hulk heads towards you, you cry out, daddy help!  The hulk would not have withstood having 110 floors come crashing down on him.  It really is no different from that, when we try to face the devil on our own. 

The devil used to be Lucifer.  One of God's most glorious creations.  Satan is a spiritual being.  He has more experience than you, he is smarter than you, he can defy the laws of nature, he has an enormous army, and knows more about God than you do.  He has only one weakness.  The Word!!!  Jesus is the Word!!!  God spoke the Word, the bible, which holds the rules of engagement that the devil has to abide by.  Some of the rules are important to know.  The devil cannot physically kill you.  He cannot kill your soul or kill you spiritually.  He can only try to convince you to make choices that will kill you, for him.  He cannot change God's promises found in the Word.  It is written and cannot be erased.  He cannot change history or what has already been done.  He tried to ruin God's plan for salvation, but he already failed.  Jesus defeated him by speaking what had been written in the bible.  He cannot send you to hell.  He can never take your free will from you.  You must choose and recognize what Jesus did for you.  The laws of knowing good and evil, sinning, our contamination, can only result in being dead forever.  Say you are infected with anthrax, and you know you are going to die, but you don't have to, if you take ciphro.  Even if you can't pay for it, it will be given to you, if you just ask.  By us claiming and recognizing what Jesus did, is the same as taking ciphro.  How simple do you want it?  There is only one remedy for sin.  JESUS!!!  It takes something at least as powerful as whatever attacks you, to defeat it with the exact opposite power, and it neutralizes it, and it ceases to exist.  So it stands to reason, it takes something 100% pure and uncontaminated to defeat contamination.  We are dying from sin, so if we claim Jesus, we are healed and live.  In the old testament while God was establishing this plan of salvation, they had to use baby goats and lambs.  The purest babies to cleanse their sins.  Animals know no sin.  That is where they differ from us.  They are not contaminated as we are.  They do not have free will in the same manner as us, because they are not made in His image and likeness like we are.  All animals go to heaven, they are not subject to the same laws.  So they are pure, and babies are more pure than adults.  By sacrificing and slaughtering the babies, it cleansed and wiped out the sins of the people.  Just like with diabetes, you take your insulin to live another week, the people sacrificed animals to preserve their souls another week.  It was the only thing not contaminated with sin;  powerful, pure, and clean enough to atone for sin.  This was done until the world matured enough to be born into eternity.  That is when it was time for Jesus to be the last sacrifice.  You can't make things hurry up and grow.  They grow at their own rate of time. 

The bible has over 900 prophesies, having to do with Jesus' salvation and sacrifice.  Those had to be fulfilled before we matured enough, and before Jesus could come here on earth.  For some 5000 years, man has constantly scrutinized and criticized the bible, trying to prove it is not true.  For around 5000 years they have no physical proof of anything being false about it.  Nor can they show or prove that any of the events didn't take place.  By their efforts to prove the bible wrong, they ended up proving about 40% of it is true, without any doubt, and 60% is simply unknown or not understood.  Not one shred of evidence in 5000 years of pursuit to discredit the bible.  They also tried burning them by the thousands and rid the world of every copy, but obviously they failed, didn't they?  Knowing this I choose to believe every word in the bible as true, and so should you.  We are only here on earth for a blink of an eye.  Life is too short.  What is 75 years up to 120 years time, compared to a million years, a trillion years?  FOREVER?  Must I go on?  You were given the opportunity to be born, To experience life.  What a privilege.  Do you know how lucky you are?  The choice or free will is yours.  Do you want to continue the way you are?  Do you want to keep struggling with life's problems?  What?, do you like suffering?  Do you think you will be good enough in this life?  Are you tired of not having true friends?  Do you even know what a True friend Is?  Are you tired of loneliness?  Do you want to keep being needy and unable to function properly?  Are you tired of doing things you really didn't want to do?  Do you know if you are going to heaven? 

There are only 3 things you need to do here on earth.

There are only 3 things you need to do here on earth.  If you're Blessed, you have about 75 - 90 years to do it, for the most part. 

  • 1=Realize you have a father who loves you, misses you, wants you to live, so you can be together forever. 
  • 2=Realize you are dying and there is only one antidote.  Only one way you can survive.  You must recognize what Jesus did for you and that Jesus is the Saviour, "the antidote".  Believe in your heart, confess Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, repent of your sins, and be baptized in His name. 
  • Finally, 3=Let everyone you know and meet, learn, what you have just learned, so that they may also live and survive this brutal death. 
After all I have just explained, you are a fool to reject it.  So get yourself down to this alter, and give your life to Jesus.  We will answer any questions you have  We will teach you anything you want to know later, and we will never leave you or abandon you.  Let us adopt you into our family of everlasting life.  This is what God wants you to know.  God loves you more than anyone ever could.  Come experience His love.  We love you and we can help you.  COME!!!  JUST COME!!!  AMEN!!!




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