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Please Pray for the following,
Thank You

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Subject: 	Prayer Request
Date: 	Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:07:00 -0500
From: 	Campbellsville Emmaus <info at campbellsvilleemmaus.com>
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Hello Everyone,

I would like to request a special prayer for someone. Heather Dunlap ( 
age 25), wife of Michael Dunlap (age 26) of Russell Springs 
KY(daughter-in-law of Steve and Judy Dunlap of Campbellsville KY and 
nephew of Midge Loy) was having trouble with severe headaches and 
numbness in her hands and feet. She went to the doctor who told her to 
get an MRI done last week. The neurologist walked her to another 
doctor's office and had them to look at her test results. They have 
scheduled her for surgery this Thursday morning (23rd). They have told 
her that she has one large tumor in her brain and numerous small ones. 
They are having to operate this week because the large one is going to 
paralyze her completely if not taken care of immediately. She was told 
that her life as she knows it, will cease.

She is a mother of two little boys under the age of three and is 
attending college. Her husband was laid off last month and they have no 
insurance coverage and no income. He was able to get her signed up for 
Medicaid Friday. After the surgery, she will have to undergo physical 
therapy for at least 6 months. She is to stop school, no driving and 
will have to have someone with her at all times in case she has 
seizures. She will have a long road to recovery after the surgery. The 
tumors are touching several nerves and there is a possibility that she 
may be partially or completely paralyzed from the removal process.

She will be in Louisville for her surgery. I'm not sure of the hospital 
yet. They will probably have to move in with Michael's parents due to 
the loss of his job and for help with the kids and Heather's situation. 
She was also told Monday that she may have Multiple Sclerosis. They are 
not 100% sure of this yet and will know more after further testing.

I will keep you informed of further information and the hospital as I 
find out. People think that they are experiencing bad luck until you 
hear of families having to deal with all of this news! Please pray for 
the whole family. They need all the prayers they can get. We all know 
that with the power of prayer as in Ethan & Austin Hale's situation, 
that prayers can be answered and miracles performed. Thank you!


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Subject: 	Prayer Request
Date: 	Sun, 19 Feb 2006 12:56:48 -0500
From: 	Campbellsville Emmaus <info at campbellsvilleemmaus.com>
To: 	Campbellsville Emmaus <info at campbellsvilleemmaus.com>

Please remember me in your prayers. I am facing some trying times in my 
walk with the Lord. I covet your prayers. I am very weak when it comes 
to giving God time to work things out according to His plan and will.




Pam Druin

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