To all administrators,

Tiny_Sis: Lighthouses When storm clouds break and oceans swell, And ships are tossed upon the sea, The lighthouses, shine beacons bright, To help guide sailors, keeping free, Their ships from harm, safe passage show, And mark the dangers from beneath, And help to keep the ships afloat, Not leave them stranded on the reef. Like lighthouses, their beacons bright, The admin's in this room do stand, Guiding the lost and weary souls, From heaving oceans to dry land, And showing them the path to take, That keeps their souls now, safe from harm, So they once more can praise the Lord, And feel again his wondrous calm. We often enter, guided here, By all the beacon lights that shine, And find once more an inner peace, Bestowed on us, by the Divine, Yet often we all do forget, To thank the lighthouses, who light, The path to safety and to God, We thank you now with all our might. Siobahn.