Songs of the Spirit 2

We have now finished the second volume of Songs of the Spirit.  Just in case you haven't listened to the first volume, Songs of the Spirit, you can find go to that site by clicking here.  Of course, you may go ahead and listen to these selection before you go there.  These songs were written by Steve Hamrick and John Gorman.  You will be blessed by listening to them.  I have hurriedly put this page together so you could hear these songs.  I do plan to come back and dress it up with some graphics and/or animations.  In the meantime, enjoy the music!!

Click on the selections below and Praise The Lord

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Stephen Hamrick's Songs
John Gorman's Songs
Come Unto Me
Abba Father
My Soul Pours Out Let Us Fill Eternity
Satan, Just Get Over It
The Diamond That Stands Alone
I Have Won
Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
Still Fairer
You're the Son Rise Within My Soul
The Hard Way



Come Unto Me

Come unto Me, for I know that you are weary;
Come unto Me and I will give you rest;
Come unto Me, My arms are open wide,
Come unto Me because I want you by My side.

I know your arms feel heavy;  I know you've labored long,
I know you don't know what I know; I know that you aren't strong.
But in your heart I've put a song to help you on your way,
And when you put your trust in Me, I know you'll find the way.


You remind Me of some kids I know who just don't wanna sleep,
Afraid they'll miss some happening, afraid their food won't keep;
But you can really trust me; I won't let you down;
When you wake up I'll be right there and no sorrow here is found.


My Soul Pours Out

My soul pours out before the Lord and my heart is empty for Thee.
And if I could I would ever live in the bosom of  Thy love for me.

When the grime of this life gets me down, and I feel like an old wasted rag.
Oh my soul it is weary of this world and I can't- but look at His love.


Well there was one who was willing to die that a soul so unworthy might live;
And He promised if we follow His love, that His comfort-He'd freely give.


Well in the end it is only your life-that you have to give to the Lord;
And if you do you'll discover it's true-that your life to you he'll restore.

Last Chorus:
My soul is glad before the Lord-and my heart overflows with His love.
And I know I'll live forever more in the bosom of Him up above.
In the bosom of His perfect love.

Abba Father

I thank you, my Father, eternally, for capturing my heart and making it free,
Imparting  Your life in my vessal of clay, creating one new  man  to show forth your  praise.

My soul thirsts for your like the earth does the rain,
My heart longs for you through all the joy and the pain,
Father, Father, abba, Father.

In my childlike faith into your lap I'll climb and hear your heart beat time after time,
At rest in your arms I  slowly drift away, refreshed and restored I awaken to say,


I see your outstretched hands a becking me,  I spend time with you and you with me.
You push me high in the swing on the tree, and bounce me up and down on your knee


Now if you've never been loved by your father below,  He who fills all in all wants you to know
He'll impart His love into your vessal of clay creating one new man and show forth his ways.

My soul thirsts for You like the earth does the rain,
My heart longs for You through all the joy and the pain,
Father, Father.

My soul thirsts for You like the earth does the rain,
My heart longs for you through all the joy and the pain,
Father, Father, abba, Father.

Father, Father, abba, Father.

Let Us Fill Eternity

Let us fill eternity with praise, let us fill eternity with praise,
And shower the Lord with our love
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, hallelujah.

**Repeat verse replacing underlined word with the following:
       2.  hope
       3.  peace

The Diamond That Stands Alone

We are the Body of Christ and members in particular,
Purchased with the Blood of Jesus sanctified bythe Holy Ghost;
Built into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood;
To offer sacrifice to God acceptible through Jesus Christ.

You are the Head of the Body; you are the precious Cornerstone;
You are the Rock of my salvation, the Diamond that stands alone.

Members of one another, baptized into one Body;
Made to drink of one Spirit, whether they're bond or free.
Edifying one another, speaking the truth in love,
Growing up into Christ, our Head, the Son of the Father's love.


Washed in the Blood of the Lamb

I may not run with the leaders of the pack,
Or drive a brand new Cadillac;
I may not livein a ten room house,
or carry Visa Gold with all it's clout

But I'm washed in the blood of the Lamb;
Born form above, I am one new man;
Washed in the blood of the Lamb.

I may not fly in my own areoplane,
or score the winning run in a  major league game;
I may not see all the wonders of the world;
or deep sea dive for the mother pearl.


I may not run for the Presidency,
Or sing  America's song  "Oh say, can you see";
I may not live by your  standard for me,
Or play guitar on Cable T.V.


I may not travel to the foreign field,
Or close a multi-million dollar deal;
I may not teach in a seminary,
or drive out west in a big R.V.

Chorus (2x)

You're the Son rise within my Soul

You're the Son rise within my Soul, more desired than silver and gold;
You're the Diamond that stands alone; you're the Presious Cornerstone.

My Heart resonds to your call; day and night you are my all;
I'm ever running to my quiet place to behold Your glory and seek Your face.

I love You, Lord; I love You, Lord; I love You Lord.

You're brighter than a sunlit sky, clothed in beauty before my eyes;
Son of man, living Word, Lamb of God, You're voice I've heard.

You're life in my vessal of clay every lives to show forth you ways;
Share your heart in every place that others my come and seek Your face.

I love You, Lord; I love You, Lord; I love You Lord.
I love you, Father; I love you, Jesus;
I love you, Spirit; I love you, Lord.