Gary John Gideon
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Home Movies Late 50's to Early 70's
The Gideon's 8mm Home Movies
Graduation Party for Rachel Taylor - June 25, 1989
After My Mom's Memorial Service @ Michael's House
Bond - Steele Family Reunion June 7, 1987
Bond - Steele Reunion @ Shawnee Park - June 26, 1988
Melissa Sullivan & Frank Bonavita Wedding - May 11, 1991
Bond - Steele Family Reunion 1986
Sprinkool Project (with co-worker Russ) - March 25, 1995
The Barnett Family DVD Slideshow
Lake Erie Fishing Trip 1982
Meta Evelyn Sherman Memorial Service
Home Movies of Ernest Victor Steele & wife Nancy Louise Bond

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Home movies taken by my Great Uncle Ernest Victor Steele. These were recorded in the early to mid 1950's on 8mm film and later transferred by Gary Gideon, to VHS tape & then onto DVD. The videos include my Grandma Lona Elizabeth Steele  Bond & her 2nd husband Fred Wilson. Victor, Nanny, Fred & Lona drove down to McAlister, Oklahoma to pick up Lona's mother, (my great grandmother Emma Catherine May Todd), and bring her back to Florence, Kentucky. Emma was married to Joel Elias Todd III (Joel is not in video) Emma & Joel Todd's sons & grandchildren are in the video.
My Great Aunt Nanny (Nancy Louise Bond Steele) & her son Ed narrates the video for me, as I dub the narration onto the VCR tape. Aunt Nanny recalls who everyone in the video is and talks about her trip along the way. Throughout the video, you will see many ancestors, aunts, uncles and cousins. You will see my great grandmother Emma Todd, reuniting with her long time school friend Mary Isabell Bullock Bond, after 
50 years of not seeing one another. Mary Isabell Bullock was married to Nathanial Bond, (parents of Nancy Louise Bond  Steele). Also in the video you will see James Frank Steele & his wife Bessie Bond  Steele, along with their children.
Simply listen to Aunt Nanny and you will know who everyone is. LOL
At the end of the video there is a short message from me, Gary Gideon thanking Aunt Nanny, for sharing her precious home movies with us, for all to see.
Afterwards, you will see Aunt Nanny, her son Ernest Edward Steele & his wife Wilma Jean, plus my daughter Amber Maria Gideon, just sitting around chatting in Nanny's livingroom.

A copy of these home movies can be purchased for $24.95
The DVD can be played on any standard DVD player - (approx duration = 2 hours)

For anyone desiring a copy of this DVD who can not afford to purchase it, please contact me and I will make alternative arrangements with you, if you are willing to go to this tobacco web site and register to receive Free Gift Certificates. I will accept the Gift Certificates that they send to you, as payment for the DVD, once you send them to me. This basically means that you can own a copy of this DVD for only the cost of a postage stamp. For faster and easier registration, you can also call them at 1-800-332-5595


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