Gary John Gideon
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The Gideon's 8mm Home Movies
Graduation Party for Rachel Taylor - June 25, 1989
After My Mom's Memorial Service @ Michael's House
Bond - Steele Family Reunion June 7, 1987
Bond - Steele Reunion @ Shawnee Park - June 26, 1988
Melissa Sullivan & Frank Bonavita Wedding - May 11, 1991
Bond - Steele Family Reunion 1986
Sprinkool Project (with co-worker Russ) - March 25, 1995
The Barnett Family DVD Slideshow
Home Movies of Ernest Victor Steele & wife Nancy Louise Bond
Lake Erie Fishing Trip 1982
Meta Evelyn Sherman Memorial Service
Home Movies Late 50's to Early 70's

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Beginning with clips from the late 50's, this 8mm home movie starts out with footage taken by my Aunt Kate & Uncle Jim Littell.
Folks in Aunt Kate & Uncle Jim's footage includes: John (Gick) Dalessandro, Jim & Kate, Theresa (Aunt Tess) Gideon, Ann (Aunt Nay) Gideon, Ethel Mae & Bill Zapf, Smitty (a guy my Aunt Tess once dated), Pamela Gideon, Sandra Littell, & myself, Gary Gideon.
And then @ 7:11 into the video, we move into the early 70's with footage from my own 8mm home movies. Folks in my home movie footage includes: most of those listed above plus my mom Bessie (Ginny) Gideon, my dad Mike Gideon, Mary Jane Dalessandro, Linda & Sparky Claypool, Frankie Claypool, Franklin Littell & his girlfriend Lulu, Rachel & Becky Taylor, Ambries Taylor, Ellie Taylor, Kimberly Gideon, Sherry Gideon King, Brian Gideon, Paul Terry King, Patricia (Patty) Gideon, Shirley King Gideon, Albert Bauer, Gladys Bauer, Kim Mendenhall, and Michael Gideon Jr.

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