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America's Godly Heritage

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If you truly care about the United States of America, & the Republic for which it stands, & the men & women who fight and die to protect our freedom, I challenge you to watch this video. You will learn the true heritage of this Great Country and the best history lesson you can imagine.

If you are a Christian, this video will grieve the Spirit within you and you will feel like crying. Your stomach will turn & you will feel sickly inside. 

If you are a non-believer, We can only pray for you & pray you have the guts to even watch this video and educate yourself on the history of this Great Country in which you live.

We challenge all Christians to get involved by calling your local libraries and ask them if this DVD is on their shelves, and also the book. And if not, request that they get it in and make these available. Also, if you are able, make copies of these videos onto DVDs and pass them out in your churches and in your neighborhood.

Notes taken from the Video AMERICA’S GODLY HERITAGE by David Barton (This will open in a new window) 

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